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ECHR Property Rights fatally flawed

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) suggests the right of ‘property’ (land) is a universal human right. But the logic of this clause is destroyed when it is revealed the ‘universal right’ extends only to those who happen to already own land.

What may be honestly classed, then, as Property? Our wages for one thing. So why is government confiscation of wages not forbidden in the ECHR treaty?

Wealth Extractors manipulated the form of words to permit their continuing raid on wealth created by others (Wealth Creators). They devised Income Taxes at Westminster which allowed them to pocket the previous and legitimate state revenue stream: site rental values, which are generated by the efforts of society as a whole.

Site rental values are the returns on our taxes when they are invested in the amenities which bestow on each site its value. Site owners do nothing to produce these sums. Yet they are enjoyed as free unearned capital gains by just one subset of society. What Adam Smith called the [Annual] Ground Rent of each site needs to be collected and recycled to properly fund our public services. And taxes on wages and trade ditched.

AGR/LVT please.