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Links to sites promoting the virtues and understanding of the Rent-as-Revenue policy option.

Land Value Taxation Campaign

The LVT Campaign is a single-issue non-party/all-party organisation based in the UK which proposes that the rental value of land should be collected and used as the principal source of public revenue, as a replacement for present taxes on wages, profits, goods and services.

Labour Land Campaign

The Labour Land Campaign is a voluntary group working for land reform within the Labour Movement, advocating a more equitable distribution of the land values that are created by the whole community.

ALTER: Alliance for Land Taxation and Economic Reform

A campaigning group within the Liberal Democrat party. 

New Physiocratic League

Taking its name from the Physiocrats, the group of 18th-century Enlightenment French economists, the New Physiocratic League is a political-economic framework and certification body with a mission to create a world where we regain and amplify our earned income, and democratize our physical space.

IPPR Commission on Economic Justice publication:

“The Invisible Land: The hidden force driving the UK’s unequal economy and broken housing market”

Read the 2018 report by the progressive think tank – Institute for Public Policy Research

A Land Value Tax for Scotland

This 2009 report was commissioned by the Scottish Green Party MSPs from Scotland’s leading land reform expert Andy Wightman. Its purpose was to develop the case for LVT and to propose a costed, detailed policy on LVT.  It compared LVT with the Council Tax at a time when the Scottish Government only had powers over local government taxation.

Glasgow City Council Report:

A report in 2009 by Glasgow City Council to provide its Local Taxation Working Group  with a summary of land value tax as a model for local taxation.

Tax by Design  (See Chapter 16)

The final report (2011) from the Mirrlees Review for the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), presents a picture of coherent tax reform whose aim is to identify the characteristics of a good tax system for any open developed economy, to assess the extent to which the UK tax system conforms to these ideals, and to recommend how it might realistically be reformed in that direction.

AGR for Wales? 

Adam Price, Plaid Cymru leadership contender, proposes land value taxation while scrapping council tax, business rates and slashing income tax rates – a proposal very similar to that in our own “Scotland’s Path to Prosperity”.