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Avoiding Scottish economic collapse after 2026

The 18 year land cycle is real.

The next bust will erupt after house prices peak in 2026. Even Covid-19’s disruptions are not sufficient to delay the inevitable. Only world wars have in the past disturbed the cycle.

Speculators use this insider knowledge to extract ground rent that belongs in the public purse.

Real estate expert Catherine Cashmore explains it all here:

Yes, you can use the cycle to get rich. But at the cost of inevitable eventual mass destitution of human beings.

SLRG is saying that we can and must END land speculation (with AGR replacing existing taxes) if devastating carnage is to be avoided in Scotland in 2028.

Investment in the enterprises that actually produce the wealth would be the result of moving taxes off wages and trade and on to the unearned rent of land and all natural resources.

Society would not then be threatened with collapse in 2028.

Over to you, Holyrood.