New Start Scotland is up to us…

We demand a new start for Scotland after Coronavirus: AGR. Photo: Chris Combe
Scots deserve better than a return to dismal ‘business as usual’ for the many.
Have our governments chosen the tax policies that will enable our desperately required new start?

SLRG Press Release here

Since we are as individuals the funders of government, we are each entitled to have our say in the national conversation about the policy options that will let Scotland avoid going back to dismal business as usual once the crisis has abated. Have your say at the New Start Scotland Conversation.

Our new booklet New Start Scotland is up to us… discusses how vigorous and widespread Scotland’s re-emergence could be — if we choose to validate our governments’ rights to collect the rents of land and natural resources which are today hijacked by parasites, leaving Scotland’s public services starved, life chances at their most unequal in a century, homes unaffordable for the many, and our environment in headlong retreat.

Have your say here
SLRG Press Release here

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