A source of state revenue that does no damage

Adam Smith tried to draw to our attention a source of revenue which, if collected, would not reduce the revenue and wealth of the people:

“…no discouragement will thereby be given to any sort of industry. The… wealth and revenue of the great body of the people, might be the same after such a tax as before. Ground rents…are, therefore, perhaps, the species of revenue which can best bear to have a peculiar tax imposed upon them.”

The Wealth of Nations (1776) Book V, p 370.

Scotland’s priority?

We can understand that the SNP priority will always be independence. Ours is cancelling £36bn Annual Scottish deadweight losses. Here is the basis of our thesis to be explored at our public meeting in Edinburgh, 24 March. Devolved powers now give Holyrood power to cancel the first £6bn of these losses by replacing a part of Income Tax with locally-collected AGR.